About Us

Rusfilter’s mission is spreading of clean water and the culture of its production and usage. Our long-term purpose is to make clean water available for each person. It is with this goal in mind that we create economical water treatment schemes and deploy our own production of filters. 

Rusfilter, also known under the name of Komintex Ecology, was established in 1993 as an engineering company dedicated to water treatment. Now it is reputed to be the most experienced player in the market. It fact, Rusfilter is synonymous with water treatment in Russia. 
Rusfilter works not only as a single unit with 120 employees but operates through a network of some 500 regional dealers and European retail networks, including Leroy Merlin and Castorama. Rusfilter offers a full scope of services — detailed analysis of water and consultancy; designing, installation, and maintenance of water tratment systems. This is why each client can evaluate the correctness of his/her investment and be always sure of support and availability of spare parts. 
Rusfilter’s team of engineers has designed and installed some 4,000 water purification systems since the 1990s. These projects vary greatly in size and scope, from replicable systems in densely populated areas, to unique solutions intended for remote locations. Rusfilter technology can be found on the island of Sakhalin in the North Pacific, and even hidden within the mountains of Caucasus for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games. 

All equipment and components used by Rusfilter are manufactured by leading companies from the USA, Canada, and Germany — such as DOW Chemical, Pentek, EcoWater, Honeywell etc. Their names are the guarantee of high quality and excellent performance. Their products are the fruit of fundamental research and the result of many years of work in the water treatment market. Many solutions were protected by international patents and became global standards. Needless to say, Rusfilter has licenses for all kinds of its activities and conforms with the managment quality system standard ISO 9001:2011.








The fact that our company is certified by NSF and WQA would be even more essential for experts.




After 20 years in the business, Rusfilter had amassed a versatile portfolio across all market segments — industrial, commercial, and residential. Rusfilter’s customers number in the hundreds of thousands, from private individuals and small businesses to high-profile, global corporations such as Pepsi® and Coca-Cola®.

Since 1993 Rusfilter has worked for dozens of Russian vodka and softdrinks manufacturers, plenty of food factories, a great number of restautants, hotels, schools, residential and office complexes, a few chemical plants, a sea port serving luxurious cruise ships, a depot maintaining high-speed intercity trains, and at last a variety of advanced industrial companies from very different sectors which set strictest standards for treated water used in their technologic procedures. Much water has flown under the bridge ever since.